David T.

I joined Fusion after graduating from the Ivey Business School with an HBA. In my very first few months at Fusion, I worked on projects ranging from evaluating a new product launch to determining the optimal trade promotion strategy for one of our CPG clients. Since I was entrusted with complete ownership of these projects, I quickly learned how to turn a client’s question into an analytical framework, and then turn those formulas into a comprehensive story for the client. What sets Fusion apart – other than the amount of responsibility each of us is entrusted with – is our commitment to putting everything in a wider context. On each project we take on, we look a level deeper to gain an understanding of how the project ties into a client’s overarching business, and let that guide our analysis. This approach allows us to uncover a lot of great insights and provides amazing learning opportunities.

Favourite Book:
Freedom by Jonathan Franzen