I joined Fusion after graduating with an MBA in business strategy from the Schulich School of Business. Prior to my MBA, I graduated with an engineering degree and worked for six years in the automotive industry. I always believed in pursuing the root cause of any problem, or asking, as we say here at Fusion, “What is the question behind the question?” With my marketing experience and educational background, I was interested in working on projects at the intersection of marketing and data analytics. Working at Fusion provides me the opportunity to pursue this passion. Here, consultants interact with and deliver insights to some of Canada’s biggest and most influential retailers. Currently, I am tracking industry movement, macroeconomic factors, and competitors for a leading global retailer. Fusion provides all the guidance and skills required to tackle complex business problems and venture further into the realm of retail analytics. It’s a great place to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.

Favourite Fusion Expression:
THINK in formulas