I was born in Hong Kong, raised in Toronto, and studied mechanical engineering and management at McMaster University. Since I was young, I have loved math and using numbers to understand the world around me. Working at Fusion has allowed me to continue to pursue this passion. One of my favourite things about working here is being able to use analytics and formulas to make sense of consumer behaviour. The frameworks we work with at Fusion allow us to break down complex problems into smaller questions. We use these frameworks to learn new insights from every project. Additionally, the team at Fusion is great. It’s an honour to work with and learn from such a talented and passionate group of people. Fusion is at the forefront of the continually growing field of retail analytics. We work with great clients, and it is really rewarding both to learn from clients and to do work that has the opportunity to influence their strategies.

Favourite Board Game:
Wits and Wagers