Thinking with data is critical to business survival

That’s why we work with leading companies to untangle their data, discover the hidden drivers of sales, and grow their bottom-line.

Fusion Delivers

Insights, Strategy, Confidence

We help companies make better, data-driven decisions — the kind of decisions that give you the confidence to implement not only daily improvements but the boldest of visions.

Strategic Planning

Get to the right answers by starting with the right questions. Fusion evaluates your business from top to bottom to pinpoint where your strengths and opportunities lie.

Tactical Optimization

Translate strategy into reality by investing in tactics that follow best practices, are consumer-tested and validated, and are derived from evidence-based insights.

Performance Tracking

Trace the impact of tactical and strategic activities from execution all the way to top-line sales, while determining which variables are in your control and which aren't.

Approach Matters

Using our THINK IN FORMULAS methodology, we can help you discover the bottlenecks blocking your sales and growth.

With over ten years of experience solving the most intractable business problems, we’ve developed the tools and methods you need to turn your data into actionable strategies.

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People Make All the Difference

Smart. Dedicated. Detail-Oriented

These are a few of the words our clients use to describe our outstanding team of consultants. At Fusion we seek out only the best people for the work: mathematical thinkers who display an unfailing integrity and the perseverance to pursue the trickiest business problems.

Meet the Team

The biggest names in retail and packaged-goods trust fusion

Working with a diverse roster of clients allows us to constantly add new insights to our analytical toolbox, expanding our ability to help businesses thrive and grow.